Westy West


Become the scariest cowboy in the wild west


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Westy West is a super fun skill-based game that puts you in the boots of a brave sheriff that has to get rid of all the outlaws and bandits wandering around his town. Take justice into your own hands and never forget; in this game, fastest draw of your gun always wins.

Gameplay is quite simple but you’ll start the game with a short tutorial that’ll teach you how to play. All you have to do is to slide your finger towards the part of the screen that you want to go to and tap once to shoot. The tricky part about the game is that your enemies move around the map without any set logic or pattern, so, you have to make sure to choose a strategic point where you can finish them all off without being hurt.

As you move through the levels and getting rid of the most wanted bandits in the county, you’ll earn coins that you can use to buy horses, better weapons, and other features that can help you in your adventure. Check out the saloons, banks and bars to locate the lowlifes that put Westy West’s women, children and elderly in danger.